Monday, 20 July 2015

The Great Adventure

I'm currently living in New Zealand with my wife and 3 daughters, but next month we are all moving to England.  It is very stressful at the minute getting everything ready for the move, but we feel it is the right move for our family.

While New Zealand is a great country, I feel there are more opportunities for our family in England.  For me personally there are more job opportunities and I will have an easier route to becoming a qualified accountant.

We have more support family wise in England and it is definitely easier to get onto the property market in England than it is in New Zealand.

The biggest worries for me at the moment is firstly, getting a job, while I have had positive responses from recruitment agents, nothing is guaranteed until a contract is on the table.  Hopefully I can secure a job sooner rather than later so we don't use up too much of our savings.

My other big fear is the school choices for my eldest daughter.  I didn't anticipate how competitive school placings were and at this stage my daughter has been placed in a poor school.  Hopefully we can get in one of the better schools in the area.  My youngest daughters are pre-school so no worries for them yet.

I hope to write this blog in the next few months with the hope that other people taking on a similar move may find something useful in what I write.  I also hope that one day my youngest daughters will be able to read this blog and re-live the journey they went on, but were too young to remember.